A free-to-use
Radio Telescope

PICTOR is an open-source radio telescope that allows anyone to
observe the radio sky, using its convenient web platform for free.


PICTOR, located in Athens, Greece, consists of a 1.5-meter parabolic antenna that allows anyone to make continuous and spectral (i.e. hydrogen line) drift-scan observations of the radio sky in the 1300~1700 MHz regime for free.

The goal of this effort is to introduce students, educators, astronomers and others to the majesty of the radio sky, promoting radio astronomy education, without the need of building a large and expensive antenna.

PICTOR is a fully open source (software & hardware) project: https://github.com/0xCoto/PICTOR


Telescope diameter: 1.5m (4.92 ft = 59.05")
Focal Ratio (F/D): 0.411 (prime focus antenna)
Beamwidth (HPBW @ 1420 MHz): ~8.95° (k factor = 63.64)
Operating frequency range: 1300~1700 MHz (L band)
Two-stage low-noise amplifier (LNA): Gain: 30 ± 2 dB - Noise figure (NF): < 0.5 dB
High-pass filter: -30 dBc below 900 MHz
Third-stage LNA (used as an in-line amplifier): Gain: > 9 dB *
Band-pass filter: f_center = 1420 MHz (designed for hydrogen line observations) *
Instantaneous bandwidth (IBW): up to 3.2 MHz (sufficient for spectral observations) [to be upgraded to 30.72 MHz]
Number of channels: up to 2048 (for high frequency-resolution observations) [to be upgraded to 16384]
* Deemed unnecessary hence removed

Wish to observe with PICTOR?

Take a look at the PDF guide (available in English and Greek) containing all the information you need to know in order to conduct your first observation of the radio sky!

Ready to explore the radio sky?


PICTOR was created by Apostolos Misirlis and Vasilis Misirlis.

Feel free to contact us regarding feedback, suggestions, questions, or any other inquiry!

Email: [email protected]

Discord: Apostolos#6329

Skype: coto993


GitHub: https://github.com/0xCoto